The Eleventh Hour!
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THANK YOU to all of our audiences for the incredible Fall 2018 run at Town Stages!

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“The Eleventh Hour is a fun, campy night out, for people of all ages.” -- BroadwayWorld

An “apocalyptic story of love and destruction that traverses the suburbs” -- DC Metro Theater Arts

A "gritty and witty authentic rock score" with "pulsing Andrew Lloyd Webber tones amidst the chords of grunge." --

The Eleventh Hour! is an original and irreverent rock musical comedy born in a New Brunswick, NJ basement. It's the end of the world in New Jersey! A burnout basement rocker and his ex-girlfriend, a rising star astrophysicist, may have the key to surviving the black hole bearing down on earth. If they can reconcile their feelings and manage a dangerous journey on the NJ Turnpike, they just may save their music, each other, and the mole people who live beneath them. Pasi Brothers Productions presents The Eleventh Hour! featuring music, book, and lyrics by David Seamon, direction by Jessica Francis Fichter, and produced by Smugbug Productions. #RockApocalypse #SaveYourBrain